Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis?

I spent the week in St. Louis, Missouri hosted by the kind people at Tacony Corporation and Baby Lock sewing machines. It was a week of learning about their products, meeting new friends across the country, and being served some delicious food!
Most of our time was spent on the Ellisimo, their top of the line embroidery machine. Oh my goodness. This machine does everything, and does it well. It turned out some beautiful embroidery and decorative stitches. It makes you look good!
We made a quick little cosmetic bag that we quilted and embroidered, then put together on their oh so wonderful top of the line serger, the Evolution. This machine not only is a serger (now honestly I have never really wanted one) but it does a cover stitch and a wave stitch, too. Geez. Now I am spoiled by all of these top of the line machines. I have also rethought the entire I don't want a serger thing. I don't want one. I NEED one. And I have to admit, it will be one of the babylock jet air threading sergers, if not the Evolution, that I buy. If I had lots of money to spend, the Evolution would be in my future.
Last of all, we took this bad boy out of a very big box and threaded it, and learned about the capabilities of a 10 needle mac daddy embroidery machine. Wow. If I ever thought I was going to have a little business....this is the machine that I would want. The BNT 10, or the Enterprise. But I am a Bibi in a sewing closet, sewing for 4 little girls. It was nice living in the world
of top of the line sewing machines for a week, but I am back in Atlanta now in the real world. It was SO much fun to spend a week being taught by some of the best in the business in a wonderful environment, and to be pampered as well. Still, there's no place like home.


  1. OMG---be careful---you've dipped your toe in the water---sounds like there just MAY be a business in your future---would be a great little retirement enterprise:-)

  2. It is possible. But life is pretty stress free now. Think I could rope Peggy into being a partner?