Monday, June 20, 2011

I don't do windows....

Unless someone that I love asks me to make some window treatments. I don't know if it is the math that gets me, or the massive amount of fabric in my tiny little sewing closet, but I am afraid of even attempting to do draperies. yikes. But when Rachel asked me to make some curtains for baby Sarah's room, how could I refuse?

I am so glad that I couldn't enlarge this photograph so that you could see detail. I had enough fabric for the panels to lie flat, and that was about it. I lined them with blackout fabric, which was a good choice because this baby can SLEEP! Usually 12 to 13 hours a night. Both of my girls know the importance of sleep, so all our girlies are well rested.

This photo was taken during their improve/classical/creative ballet time which precedes bath time each night. Kathelyn gets on her window seat and performs for Sarah, who appears to be an appreciative audience.

I think this hour has turned into a really special time for all three Birmingham girls. I loved the enthusiasm in Rachel's voice as she told me how this little ritual developed, and I can't tell you the gratitude I feel in my heart that this mommy loves being with her girls as much as she does.
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  1. lovely post all around---those family rituals---so important---and sleep---the best tip around for having a happy baby! But, oh yeah, this was a post about window curtains, wasn't it :-)

    That's actually what I love about your blog---the beautiful family anecdotes that come along with it. What a treasure it will be for your grandchildren!

  2. so evident, but it kind of hit me in the head. You are posituveky right!