Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bluebird Pillowcase dresses

I have been saving these vintage pillowcases to make dresses for my great nieces in San Antonio, Texas. They have a new little brother, Calder, and I wanted to have something special for the sisters. With blue eyes and red hair, all three would have thrilled their great grandmother Lela, who had beautiful wavy red hair and six children with brown and not quite blonde hair. I don't know about my brothers and sisters, but I always felt like I disappointed my mother in the hair department!

Pillowcase dresses are easy to make. I bleached the pillowcases first because they were a little stained, but they are nice and soft and should feel comfy next to soft baby skin. There are lots of patterns on the internet; all you have to do is cut out the armhole, cut the pillowcase to the right length, bind the armhole and put a casing at the top. Running a fun matching ribbon through the casing completes the dress. I have finished one and the other one is upstairs on the ironing board!
I couldn't help but wonder as I was pressing the soft cotton about the hands that did the original embroidery. I wondered who the seamstress was, and where she lived, and who rested their heads on her pretty pillowcases. I wonder if she would be surprised to know that sweet little girls were toddling around in her handiwork. I have a feeling that she would be very pleased. Posted by Picasa

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