Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bibi's bakers and a fairy sewing room

Not much sewing took place today. Mae's favorite cousin, Katelyn, came to visit, and we were busy baking, pretending, exploring in the backyard and puttering around the house.
Our day began out in the backyard, and I took this picture of a Sweet Shrub bloom while we were outside exploring. The heliboris were plentiful and beautiful, but the deep red sweet shrub bloom caught our eyes and sparked quite a discussion.
This is the chapter from our fairy tale book that described how to make fairy clothes from natural materials in the backyard. We had a discussion about how our flowers might be used by the fairies. The picture to the right shows "A formal gown made from spider silk and plum leaves. Rose petals and seed pearls are added for decoration."

Nap time followed, and after a day with my 3 year old "littles", I can tell you that we all enjoyed our nap.

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  1. What a fun Bibi! I know those girls will cherish the sweet memories you are making with them.