Monday, March 14, 2011

Bernina goes to Birmingham

Katelyn and I have had a fun morning putting names on their new little animal bags, Winnie Finnie and Busy Bug. Katelyn pointed out that they were certainly girl bags, because they had eyelashes. We hooped the stabilizer and turned the bags inside out to embroider them. She carefully tapped the names out on the touchscreen of my Bernina; we couldn't use the software because Bibi had forgotten the power cord to he laptop. imagine that. We were a little more limited in our choice of fonts, but we chose blackboard.

The ever observant Katelyn wondered why we did not have an uppercase letter at the beginning of the names; a long discussion followed of why Bibi like the look of lower case letters on her bag.

I will admit, though, that bringing the sewing machine to Birmingham, with the necessary accessories and notions, is no small feat. But the reward of having a sweet granddaughter in my lap helping me sew certainly makes it worth the effort!

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  1. Whoa! You snuck in 5 new posts and projects while I wasn't looking! Each one more wonderful than the last. My favorite in this set were the pillowcase bluebird dresses---because of my own memories of pillowcases like that and because of your reflecting about the hands that embroidered them and the heads that slept on them.

    The fancy pink pillow was oh-so-beautiul. If you hadn't mentioned the deck chairs, I would have thought it was some exotically weathered background tray designed especially for display of your sewing projects.

    Have you ever considered selling your handiwork on Etsy? As fast as you churn out projects, you're going to run out of people to make things for--you could turn this hobby into a business!