Saturday, November 9, 2013

Issa in Children's Corner Katherine

Autumn bowed to place
 a beautiful crown
 on the Queen
 of Morning,
 and her velvet robes
 swam merrily in the
 chilly breeze.
   ~ Terri Guilllemets

     My sweet silly Issa likes her new dress that I began making in Nashville at The Children's Corner Sewing School.  Children's Corner has recently been purchased by 2 younger women, and they are working hard to keep the quality of instruction, products and design that have made the company famous among sewing mothers and grandmothers.

The photo on the left shows the beginning of the front panel of the little dress.  It is not at all difficult; the loops for the buttonholes were a bit tedious to complete, but it went together smoothly.  The loops were accented by little wooden buttons.
This pattern is Children's Corner Katherine;  it was taught by Lezette Thomason. who shared lots of tips and stories with us along the way.  No french seams on this dress,  I zipped up the side seams and sleeves with a long serger seam and was done.  The hem is stitched down by machine and has a tailored look.  
I love the simple sleeve on this dress.  It is long, set in, and finished with a tiny bias band at the cuff.  It has a tiny bit of gathering at the top of the sleeve and cuff.  The dress bodice is accented with a matching tiny gingham, and a bias neckline.  It has 3 buttons on the back.  

I have a feeling that Katherine in this soft aqua corduroy is going to be a favorite.

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