Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Been sewing, not blogging!

My road trips are over for the time being, my dear family is all in place, and I can begin to concentrate on my sewing again!  I have actually been in my sewing room, but have not have time to blog and to share with my sewing buddies.  So here we have it, one of my latest projects! I love this Pattern from Children's Corner;  I think I will make it for all the girls! I made view B for Issa,; it has long sleeves and a dropped yoke. I will make view A for the younger girls, I think

.  I have pretty much decided to just stick with Children's Corner patterns. They just FIT.  They are easy to read, they often will teach a new technique, and they are precious.

I bought this fabric last year at Hancock's. I bought it in the blue/brown and a pink/black combination.  I am almost finished with Maes little dress, and then I am on to one for Katelyn.

I envisioned this dress worn with white anklets and English Sandals, but I am getting used to my sweet dresses with cowboy boots and converse tennis shoes.


  1. Hi bibi! I've been away from blog long long time. But back. Hated not connecting with blogging friends! Chuckling over cowboy boots with pretty dress.

  2. Hi Debbie! I, too have miss my blogging buddies. It sounds like we have both been fairly involved with grands here lately, but I am going to get back to my routine! I cant wait to visit your backyard, through your blog and hopefully in person as spring approaches!

  3. Amen! I've missed it terribly. Life feels all out of whack without reading my favorite blogs! Yes, the grands. Love em but they leave precious little leisure time.