Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mandy's morning tea


There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.               ~ Henry James    The Portrait of a Lady

 I can honestly say that my New Zealand girls are truly enjoying their morning and afternoon teas.  Everyone stops what they are doing, and takes time to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat.  I know that they often have tea for their morning tea, but the afternoon tea is usually a light snack;  I have just facetimed with them and they were having pita chips and hummus, with water to drink.  Issa often drinks Chammomile tea while we are chatting.

Mandy wanted a tea cozy, and I saw this pattern and thought it was the cutest thing.  I will give the details of the pattern on my next post, because this little cozy needs to be fixed!  I was very careful as I marked the pink bottom of the cupcake to embroider...Mandy's Morning Tea.  It was just right, nice and straight.  That is until I atttached the top of the cupcake, I wasn't watching to keep the bottom even.  I didn't even notice until I took the photograph.  

Tomorrow I will pull the cozy through its lining, rip out the bottom seam, trim the cozy so it is even with the lettering, and reattach the lining to the body of the cozy.

Thats my plan!                          

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  1. So nice to learn this bit of NZ culture, given my NZ blogging friends. I think I want to begin that tradition---not to be confused with happy hour!