Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

 Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire.
                      ~William Butler Yeats

     This little girl is so ready for her first day of Kindergarten.  She needed a towel for rest time, with her name on it of course.  
     The  project started out easy enough.   I went to Five Star Fonts,  purchased the Sassy applique font,  and brought it into my software.  I wanted the name large across the top of the towel, so I used my mega hoop. I did this towel like I have done so many others, hooping only my stabilizer and very carefully centering the towel on top with 505.  The machine stitched out  the placement and tack down straight stitches.  So far so good.  I removed the hoop and trimmed up the letters, and this is where everything fell apart.
     As I put the hoop back on for it to satin stitch around the letters, the satin stitch was a good half inch below my underlay; a result of shifting when I cut out my letters.  Oh No!  The only way to salvage my project was to go to my sewing side of the machine and manually  zigzag around each letter...the old fashioned way.  Not at all neat or even, but the letters are on there!
     My only consolation is the fact that Kindergarteners only nap until December.


  1. What a lucky girl, Katelyn. That beautiful towel blanket will become a lifetime treasure, you know, manual zig zags and all. When Sarah and I were sorting things for Pinetree's yard sale, she came across her old preschool napping pillow that has a kitten appliquéd with a sewing machine zig zag :-) A nostalgic moment for sure (she's 33) and the pillow got put into the box NOT for yardsale.

  2. I am sure that somewhere in the bottom of a drawer, maybe even in New Zealand, is a raggedy piece of aqua blue blankie!