Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Its Mittens! Its a scarf! No! It's a SKITTEN!

                  Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
                  The hours pass quickly when I am sewing.
                                               ~Author Unknown

                Vintage Winter Clip Art

Kathy sent me the idea for this class from Becky's Fabrics and Bernina, in Lewiston Idaho!  I actually called the store and asked if they minded if I used their scarf for a class, and they kindly agreed.  You can tell from the photos that you don't really need a pattern...the fun part of this scarf is the dreaded MINKY cloth!!

 My 4 little girls bravely tackled this project.  I cut out the fabric for them; this is a beginner class and I knew the Minky would slip and slide all over the table.  I determined the length by measuring Katelyn, with arms at her sides, from fingertip to fingertip around her neck.  this was the length of the scarf.  I then added an extra 12 inches so that I would have 6 inch pocket on each side, and another inch for seams.  Of course all of these measurements are approximate, but they seemed to work!

So I had 2 different Minkys that I cut to my measurements.  I used contrasting colors, and you can see that she really loves this turquoise and blue combination.  I then let the girls pin the scarves right sides together, we fitted them with pockets and they sewed these down.  Voila!  Not just a scarf, Not just mittens, but SKITTENS!

The saving grace in the construction of this scarf was a walking foot.  The entire scarf was sewn with one and I do think it might not have been possible without it.  A good time was had by all, and I hope that the scarves are being used these cold winter days.


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