Thursday, December 12, 2013

     Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. 
                    ~Jean Anouilh

Sarah had a t-shirt that she has long outgrown, but many times in the last few months it has seemed to reappear on my visits to Birmingham.  Her "present" t-shirt, as she called it, was soft and comfy, so as I was choosing a design for her Christmas t-shirt,  a "present" seemed the only choice.

The first shirt that I did was pink and green with a touch of gold.  It is Sarah's choice of colors and I hope she will enjoy wearing it.  The gold lamee was a scrap that someone had given me, and it made a really cute little bow.  I used a gold metallic thread to satin stitch around the bow, and it stitched just fine as long as I slowed the speed of the machine down.  I added her name to the side of the gift. 

  My second little gift t-shirt was made for little Miss Amelia, whose Mamie has been under the weather and just hasn't felt much like sewing this Christmas season.  While Mamie chose colors and fabrics, I ran the machine and we sewed up skirt to match.
 It is so much more fun to sew with your good friend sitting in a chair beside you !

So Mamie and Goggie drove to visit sweet family and deliver the Christmas attire yesterday.  I sure hope it fits!

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