Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year.                    ~ Charles Dickens

For Christmas in July at the store, we each made an item to share with our customers.  I decided to make a little romper for
sweet little Sarah,  who may or may not decide that she wants to wear wear it!  It is the same romper that I made for her big sister and cousin last summer, and I thought this would look cute with a white t-shirt or turtle neck.

The pattern is from Bonnie Blue and this time when I made it I cut some fullness from the body.  I used 2 different cottons for the ruffles;  one is a red, pink and green print on white, the other is a lime green and white chevron.  I used a little different method for the ruffles on the bottom, drawing a line where the ruffle begins, attaching it carefully along the line, and then enclosing the raw edges from behind and covering them with a corduroy fold on the wrong side.  I used the # 86 ruffler for the ruffles along the bottom of the pants, but gathered the bodice ruffle the old fashioned way with gathering threads.

With the ruffler foot for this ruffle, I set the foot to gather each stitch, and then set the screw for a fairly shallow tuck.

I am now thinking about 3 more Christmas is nice to have one behind me!

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